2008. Area 13 Sévigné in Paris 4th “Photographs”

It is 14 years since I bought my first SLR, a Fujica. Since then I have not stopped taking pictures. Starting with the slide, continuing the negative, then I worked with film with a Nikon F301.
I’m looking for original angles, shots structured but, above all, to recreate as closely as possible what caught my eye. I feel that my shots are understandable by all, as a universal, positive and optimistic language.
I love movies, my way of photographing is not foreign because I associate the images to a story I guess. The image for me is an inexhaustible source of escape and fulfillment.
I shoot once, to lift and hand instinctively. If the shot is successful, that’s great. If it does not express what I saw was that I did not seize the moment. I did not want to take ten pictures of the same subject to select the best.
My favorite area is the city in all its expression: the architecture, the streets, the decorations that make his personality. I especially like the scenes of theaters, shadows and bright colors.