Thierry Dourdet likes to play with lines, it upsets their equilibrium with its objective and its bold framing, he brought new perspectives. Poetry can then enter through the open window and give free rein to his imagination ..


The saturated color offers all its energy to the viewer. It absorbs beyond these pigments and transports in an imaginary world, upbeat and energizing.


Thierry Dourdet, throughout his travels, like venturing into imaginary scene set. He builds his designs and gently deposited in the bend of a look, they will become the setting for his story. The spectator who lay eyes on this image will then take over and then tell another story.


Suddenly the eye packs and photographer "shoot." In an instant, the lens captures as a new dimension of the scenery that causes the emotion and allows the mind to travel in search of the secret behind the image.


Narrow angle transforming the retail issue, this is a new playground for the photographer! It is the talent of the artist to transform our lives in a series of shots fun and unexpected, and cause our smile.


The street turns into big sketchbook. Its contours are exploring under the jets sometimes poetic colors, sometimes disturbing, this taking possession of the space and challenge our view.


Throwing her gaze to assault the horizon, it is infinite or bumps against an item, that's always surprising and leads us to look for what there is on the other side of the mirror. Another world than ours or just the end of a continuous line that dips into a cosmic vacuum?

DSC7091Black and White

The photographs in black and white are born a mood, a charm, as nostalgia. You find yourself remembering something, a detail that resurfaces ... An elegant way of understanding the collective memory of a place.