The approach is illustrated by Thierry Dourdet search infinite angles reflecting our modern world, and his fascination with urban forms.
The encounter with the unexpected characterizes his work, through the stories he created as his wanderings. The background music that accompanies it, increasing its sensitivity and his eyes, becomes the driver of the images it delivers wire, or rather “the images he tells us.”
Very quickly, it will forge a personal style by taking a naturalist party tracking excessive natural colors, but also focusing unexpected perspectives, highlighting improvised sets. His keen eye, shoot the visual lines that cross and rise to inhabit the space, creating an environment conducive to the imagination.
Sometimes the poetry of simple constructions, identified by Nature, once captured by the photographer’s eye, speak to access the dimension of the most disturbing dreams.
In his solitary scenarios where sensitivity is reflected on edge, he loves above all, walk past the subject, through the stories he imagines. It thus offers the other a moment, albeit imaginary, but at the same time perfectly correct since it is the construction of thought. Because it “shoots” once and freehand its target. This reflects a whole, impulsive and uncompromising character.
He likes to be the sequence of shapes placed there by chance that, as he would have it seems, come to make us believe that man is there for something.
For him, the picture is a scene perpetual theater or cinema. Topics take shape as they arise in fiction, at the right time.
Thierry Dourdet sometimes seems to put himself in this scene it captures. The treatment of space, especially in the series of pictures he brings back from New York, suggests power, through dramatic perspectives, shadows and lights.
This form of expression is photography, it looks especially. This is probably the only time he enjoys solitude, without anxiety, pushing the perception beyond the mere visible range. A perception that the whole absorbs and where each shot is a meeting.
Without doubt, he seeks to illustrate the nature of the subject being photographed, but the will to embellish his model with a strong fantasy tinge, which extends its existence beyond its reality.
The choice of prints in large formats, not only for exhibitions. There is also a mode of expression that takes over the function of the subject in order to carry it to an extreme state.
These images are fascinating for highlighting shades naturally saturated and the quest for a real excessive color as nature we donated. In the work of Thierry Dourdet, color mobilizes meaning, unique to reverse the effect of the real, and to be printed in our retina a positive and optimistic new aesthetic reality.

Carole Grouésy