Trip to Mexico – Yucatan Region – July / August 2014

Yucatan, south of the Gulf of Mexico alone accounts for the vast Mayan history, with extraordinary including the famous Chichen Itza rich heritage.
This journey takes you to the heart of picturesque towns such as Valladolid, where you will find fabulous splendid houses as evidenced by the picture “Red Valladolid.” Most surprising is the city of Izamal, nicknamed the yellow city and shown in the photograph “Izamal pared Amarilla”.
Many pictures were taken in Campeche, a city of colors to go with the glow of dawn. The two photos showing a pool is losing a maze of old stones were presented at the last exhibition of Thierry Dourdet. This region, which is a pure joy for photography, thanks to its deep and warm pigments, prégnant the link between nature and these houses, we offer true “urban landscapes“, as this latest exhibition.