The purpose of this gallery is to show you all of the work of Thierry Dourdet.

"Thierry Dourdet his vision of the many countries he travels, but also from Paris in black and white, with the spontaneity of discovery in remarkable set designs around theater stages and cinema.

Without doubt, he seeks to illustrate the nature of the subject being photographed, but it has the will to embellish his model with a strong fantasy imprint, which extends its existence beyond its truth .

These images fascinate by highlighting that they offer naturally saturated colors, the excessive pursuit of real pigment as nature we donated. In the work of Thierry Dourdet, color mobilizes meaning, unique to reverse the effect of the real, and to be printed in the retina of a new aesthetic reality. "

Carole Grouesy

Promotion et Stratégies, Luxe &t Art


All photographs by Thierry Dourdet reveals his love of the stage and naturally saturated colors.


Mexico, as seen by the eye of Thierry Dourdet a development enhanced by light.

70-SAINT LAURENTContinents

The trip, as conductor of the stories we tell Thierry Dourdet wire on the 4 countries around the world.


A selection of pictures of Thierry Dourdet, sorted by topic, to sail sandstone desires.