2014. Convent Refectory Cordeliers in Paris 5th “Urbans Landscapes”

Colors, light, urban excitement, serenity of a Venetian facades sun or flooded canal, these photographs draw from the outset. Beyond the power of images, Thierry Dourdet book feelings, wonders, his outlook on society.
Traveling the world, he is swept away by his sensitivity to detail, an architecture where the unusual union of elements that captures live in the goal with the spontaneity of emotion received. It does not search for topics they are relevant to his eye always on the alert.
United States to Venice, Mexico to Norway Thierry Dourdet appropriates the site without spoiling. Every picture framing up, the singular angle or against Angle embodies the reality of transcended place, transposed into sumptuous atmosphere to warm chromatic or pure aesthetics. Thus the energy of New York, tall flashy advertisements in color, the atmosphere of the streets to the many passers-by, the pace of skyscrapers seen from a broad perspective revealing rows of trees with golden autumn or the elegant design of a swimming pool where unexpected hammock suspended above water green anime moving reflections. Different atmosphere in Mexico, where the yellow and red walls of homes snatch light for better release, playing with shadows. The vibration of colors created the magic of these fleeting moments immortalized.
Always original, unexpected clichés source of escape, dreams are sometimes similar to a painting or a film sequence. They respond to a personal quest of the artist and his state requirement and freedom.

Nicole Lamothe
Art Critic