Diasec Process


1. Shooting

All photos displayed were made ​​from a film camera NIKON EF 301 (24 x 36) on the KODAK FUJI or 100 or 200 ASA until 2010 and then a Nikon D3S digital camera.

2. Print on paper

In a professional laboratory, negative (for silver) is scanned (becoming digital) 150MB in order to obtain a very high print quality.
The photos are taken from the size of 40 x 50; they may be slightly cropped, corrected any imperfections and reworked on the contrasts and colors as desired.
The print is done on high gloss paper.

3. Framing

The mounting is DIASEC acrylic resin of an image. This method is generalized for the presentation of art and commercial photography.
The paper is glued his picture face against a transparent acrylic sheet (3mm) and anti-UV.
An aluminum plate is bonded to the back of the document to protect it.


Advantages of Diasec :

  • The adhesion is achieved by adhesive without the chemical reaction between two liquid components.
  • The Diasec bonding system is completely free of dust, air and any traces of glue bubbles.
  • The color contrast is emphasized, and the original acquires a new depth.
  • The fine details are better developed, mainly in the shadows.
  • The plexi protects against 99.7% UV rays, the image will not fade in the light.

The frames have a 80×120 format and 120×180.


Numbered photographs: 8 prints + 1 artist’s proof